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Those April Fools at The Panda's Thumb

Note Added on April 2nd: This page is part of an April Fools' joke purpetrated by the Panda's Thumb weblog on its readers, with the help of several other blogs. This parody is in no way connected to the Discovery Institute or its associates, including Michael Egnor.

Happy April Fools'! (Or Dawkins' Day, as some of you might know it.)

Over the past month I have engaged in what my friend Bill Dembski ludicly refers to as "street theatre". My posts here have been an outlandish parody of the bona fide Intelligent Design position, liberally injected with many of the more simplistic errors of the Young Earth Creationists. My purpose was to see how far we could go before the gullible Darwinists realized they were being taken for a ride. The Discovery Institute has graciously aided (and abetted!) by allowing me a voice on this weblog and by giving me valuable feedback on my comedic output. Together, we have succeeded in duping the Darwinists (like the foul-mouthed duncecaps at the Panda's Thumb and Scienceblogs).

Our ruse was bound to work for a while; after all, Darwinists eagerly want to believe that Intelligent Design is nothing but "dressed up" Creationism. However, I'm astounded we made it this far, as I truly feared that the Darwinian horde would catch on sooner---but they are even denser than we had expected. Bill Dembski wagered a bottle of Macallan that I would not persevere to this day---but I have, and I will collect. I also owe Casey Luskin a beer; his courageous acting in our podcasts deserves an Oscar.

Thank you, Darwinists, for giving the Discovery Institute plenty of laughs by coining such ad hominem terms as "egnoramus", "egnorance", "Dr. Egnore", and "egnorrants". Not since middle school have I endured such puerile taunts. It was, after all, too easy to exploit the Darwinists' blind bigotry for Intelligent Design theorists. Regardless of how ridiculous my posts were, the Darwinians seriously thought that I was sincere. The doctors in my medical school deal with the realities of microevolution daily (e.g., the evolution of bacterial resistance to antibiotics), yet the Darwinists willingly believed that I could be "egnorant" of these facts.

The Discovery Institute and I hope you have enjoyed our elaborate game. As Bill Dembski has said, we should strive to "be more fun at parties". But on a serious note, and with apologies to Sir Ronald Fisher, Intelligent Design is not Creationism. Intelligent Design theorists embrace evolutionary science and its implications for modern biology and medicine. Common descent is a fine working hypothesis; natural selection can produce some limited forms of information; it would be foolish to deny these. We, as ID theorists, simply recognize one additional fact about our Universe that the Church of Darwin refuses to: when all else fails, laughter is still the best medicine.

Good night and God Bless.


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